A network connects multiple devices together.  That would have normally preferred to a few computers, a server with a printer or two, on a physical wired connection in a single location.  Today is a whole different scenario.  You’ll still have the traditional network with added devices like phones, cameras, time attendance, laptops, smartphones, etc…, and will be making use of a wireless connection to your network.   You’ll even have devices not located in your physical area that will have to have access to your network.

The correct implementation and maintenance of a business’s network are becoming very crucial, even for the smallest of businesses. Software Solutions always work on the following criteria when planning your network: reliability, security, and speed.  We also install network cabinets from small 4U wall mounted cabinets, to large 42U standalone cabinets.  This gives you a central point for all you’re networking infrastructure and devices to be monitored and maintained from.

POE technology makes it possible for modern devices like VOIP phones and CCTV cameras to get their power as well as it’s data connection from a single network cable.  No more running two sets of cables to these types of devices.