Remote Support enables us to help you as client directly through the internet to take over your computer / laptop and help with the problem your facing.  When making use of this service you immediately safe the costs of a call out to your premises.

Please note the following when making use of this service:

  • You need a stable internet connection for the application to work;
  • We currently only provide remote support in South Africa;
  • We use a unique password in our sessions when using our version of Teamviewer on your computer. Should you like another service provider to help you, they must provide you with their own version of Teamviewer, or you must download the standard version from their website;
  • Once a session is concluded and the program is closed, Software Solutions will no longer have access to you’re computer. Our version of Teamviewer is not installed onto your computer, but merely runs upon execution of the file;
  • Standard rates apply for remote support sessions. There is no charge if we use Teamviewer to determine the initial problem or follow up within warranty periods;

Once the program has downloaded, run it and provide us with Your ID.  See example below.