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~ Welcome to Software Solutions ~

Provider of CCTV , IT support , networking , and VOIP in Nelspruit and surrounding areas in Mpumalanga.

Technology is becoming a very important integrated part of our everyday life.  Whether at home or business, technology enable us to do so much more and better than ever possible before.

Here at Software Solutions we understand the need for you to integrate you’re everyday tasks into a computer operated environment.  We know you’re company – or individual requirements is unique to others, and treat it as that.

Software Solutions can provide you with everything you need from the initial start-up, with continuous support and expert advice that will suite you’re needs best.  We only sell and support products that we approve and are satisfied to use ourselves.

About Our Company ~

Choose from our variety of quality software solutions.


We implement CCTV systems in business and residential areas. Security and productivity is you’re main benefits from having a 24hour camera system watching over you and you’re assets. With today’s technology we enable you as end-user to view you’re system from anywhere you’d like as long as you have an internet connection.


Availability of internet over fixed lines is becoming a problem in the Lowveld. Software Solutions have recently become a reseller of SA Digital Villages. Now we can provide you with internet and telephone lines without making use of Telkom lines.


We also provide the option for Service Level Agreements which is an excellent alternative to employing an IT technician.  Having a fixed fee set for maintenance and troubleshooting gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re being taken care of by IT professionals.


Do you have the need to work from home or from another site? Software Solutions can setup a VPN between two or multiple sites, allowing you to work and print from different areas while you’re data still resides in a single place.


More on the creative side we do software customization.  Tired of using the standard Pastel forms like the invoices and statements.  We can alter it to reflect you’re true company image, while only displaying the required fields.  Do you have an Excel spreadsheet that you would like to improve to get the most out of.  We create custom Excel spreadsheets to help improve productivity, accuracy, etc…